Trademark Use Policy
Stacks is open source software supported by Hiro Systems PBC ("Hiro"), a public benefit corporation, and a rich ecosystem of developers and community members. Because we offer our brand guidelines to the Stacks ecosystem of app and software builders, these assets are trademarked to help maintain the level of quality that reflects support from the Stacks community. When using the Stacks brand kit you must agree to and comply with this trademark policy.
1. What does this policy cover?
1.1 Stacks Wordmarks.
This policy applies to the non-stylized wordmarks “Stacks,” “Stacks Token,” and “Stacks Blockchain” (collectively, the “Stacks Wordmarks”).

1.2 Stacks Logos.
This policy also applies to the Stacks logos and related images made available at (“Stacks Logos,” and together with the Stacks Wordmarks, the “Stacks Trademarks”).
2. When you may use the Stacks Trademarks without asking us for permission.
2.1 Powered by Stacks blockchain.
You may use the Stacks Trademarks to indicate that your product or service is built on or compatible with the Stacks blockchain, but you may not represent that Hiro has published, endorsed, or is affiliated with your product or service.

2.2 Stacks payments.
You may use the Stacks Trademarks to indicate that you accept payments in Stacks tokens, except for illegal activity as indicated in Section 4.

2.3 Hackathons and meetups.
You may use the Stacks Trademarks to market and promote hackathons and meetups featuring the Stacks ecosystem.

2.4 Fair use and nominative use.
You may use the Stacks Trademarks for fair uses and nominative uses permitted by law. For example, fair or nominative uses might include satires or parodies, true statements in news media, or references in artistic, literary, scientific, or political works.
3. When you need to ask us for permission to use the Stacks Trademarks.
For any uses not covered in Section 2, you must ask us for written permission to use the Stacks Trademarks. You may contact us at to ask for permission.
4. Prohibited uses.
4.1 Names.
You may not use the Stacks Trademarks in the name of your company, product, service, application, software, domain name, publication, or other offering.

4.2 Misrepresentation.
You may not use the Stacks Trademarks to misrepresent or falsely imply that Hiro has sponsored, endorsed, approved, or is affiliated with your business, products, or services. This prohibition includes any attempt to falsely mirror or mimic any Hiro product or service.

4.3 Illegal Uses.
You may not use the Stacks Trademarks in connection with any activity that is illegal or prohibited by applicable law.
5. How to use the Stacks Trademarks.
5.1 No modification.
You must use the Stacks Trademarks exactly as provided. You may not modify, abbreviate, or combine the Stacks Trademarks with any other symbols, words, or images or incorporate them into a tagline or slogan without permission.

5.2 Prominence.
You may not display the Stacks Trademarks more prominently than the name or logo of your company, product, or service.

5.3 Additional requirements.
Additional requirements on the use of the Stacks Trademarks are set forth at
6. Trademark Misuse
6.1 Report misuse.
If you believe someone is misusing the Stacks Trademarks, please submit a report to

6.2 Revocation of Permission.
Misuse may result in revocation of any permission to use the Stacks Trademarks in Hiro’s sole discretion.
7. Revisions
This policy may be revised from time to time. Users will be notified of revisions via updates to this page and via other reasonably available means, such as email.
8. Questions
If you have any questions about this policy or the Stacks Trademarks, please contact